Maintaining My AHFI

Renewal & Maintenance of AHFI® Accreditation

1. Accreditation must be renewed every 3 years and is contingent on:

a. NHCAA Membership at time of renewal;

b. payment of $295 3-year maintenance fee; and

c. the accumulation of at least 60 hours of health care anti-fraud training approved by NHCAA (36 of which must be via NHCAA programs and/or other NHCAA training vehicles) during each 3-year period following initial accreditation.

For more information on the types of education that will qualify for the 24 non-NHCAA hours visit the AHFI FAQs page.

2. Individuals who fail to accumulate the required continuing-education hours during a given 3-year period must re-apply and qualify via the examination-based process.

AHFI® Inactive Status
As of 2009, all AHFIs must be either individual members of NHCAA, affiliated with an NHCAA member organization, or law enforcement liaison. The Accreditation Review Board recognizes that AHFI® designees seek career development and advancement opportunities in organizations that may preclude them from maintaining member status. In order to allow these designees to still maintain the AHFI® designation, we have developed the AHFI® Inactive status, a three-year status that can be enacted when a current AHFI® is no longer eligible for NHCAA membership due to a change in employment or retirement from the active workforce. This status indicates that the AHFI® designation has been achieved, but not currently active. Please contact Stephanie Dougherty at for additional information.