Maintaining My AHFI

Renewal & Maintenance of AHFI® Accreditation

1. Accreditation must be renewed every 3 years and is contingent on:

a. NHCAA Membership at time of renewal;

b. payment of $325 3-year maintenance fee; and

c. the accumulation of at least 60 hours of health care anti-fraud training approved by NHCAA (36 of which must be via NHCAA programs and/or other NHCAA training vehicles) during each 3-year period following initial accreditation.

For more information on the types of education that will qualify for the 24 non-NHCAA hours visit the AHFI FAQs page.

2. Individuals who fail to accumulate the required continuing-education hours during a given 3-year period must re-apply and qualify via the examination-based process.

AHFI® Inactive Status
The Accreditation Review Board recognizes that AHFI® designees seek career development and advancement opportunities in organizations that may preclude them from maintaining member status. In order to allow these designees to still maintain the AHFI® designation, we have developed the AHFI® Inactive status, a three-year status that can be enacted when a current AHFI® is no longer eligible for NHCAA membership due to a change in employment or retirement from the active workforce. This status indicates that the AHFI® designation has been achieved, but not currently active. Please contact Danielle McGloin at for additional information.