The AHFI Exam

The Examination for Accredited Health Care Fraud Investigator (AHFI®) is designed as a fair test of knowledge and skills, both general and specific, that a person who specializes professionally in the detection and investigation and/or prosecution of health care fraud would reasonably be expected to have acquired in the course of meeting other AHFI® Accreditation requirements in the areas of professional experience, continuing professional education, formal education, and professional conduct.

The exam is administered electronically by Professional Testing Corporation twice each year (spring and fall) at thousands of testing centers across the country, as well as a paper exam at both the Boot Camp and Annual Training Conference.

Candidates are encouraged to take the AHFI® Prep Course prior to sitting for the examination as well as take the AHFI® Pre-test Assessment to assess readiness. You can register for the AHFI® Prep Course online or by downloading a registration form. There is a separate registration fee for the AHFI® Prep Course which is not included in the Examination and Testing fee. 

    • Upcoming AHFI Examination Dates Details ATTENTION AHFI CANDIDATES

      Over the past year, NHCAA’s Institute conducted a comprehensive analysis of the AHFI® Exam to ensure that the Exam accurately measures the core responsibilities and tasks of a health care fraud investigator. As a result of this process, the AHFI® Exam and the Prep Course are being modified in 2019 to better align with the industry’s current practices. The new AHFI® Exam and Prep Course will be released in June 2019.

      Potential AHFI® candidates will have one additional opportunity to take the AHFI® Exam at a remote testing location throughout the country between Saturday, February 9, 2019 through Saturday, March 2, 2019. Please note that the last time to take the AHFI® Prep Course prior to the release of the new exam in June 2019 will be at the Annual Training Conference in Anaheim, California on Monday, October 29, 2018. Deadline for testing at the ATC has passed.

      New Applications will be accepted until December 19, 2018 for the February 2019 testing period. To request an AHFI® kit, email us at with your complete contact information.

      Application & Examination Fees*
      Member: $975
      Government: $725

      *Must be an employee of a NHCAA Member Organization, Affiliate, Platinum, Premier or Supporting member to attend. Member Rate applies to all NHCAA Member Organizations, Affiliate Members, Individual Members, Platinum, Premier Supporting Members and Supporting Members.
    • Testing Center ApplicationDetails The Application for Accreditation that you submit to NHCAA must include the completed Testing Center Application enclosed in the Application Kit.

      In completing the Testing Center Application, please be sure to follow the marking instructions, and please provide all Candidate Information and Background Information requested.

      You may choose to complete the Optional Information on the Testing Center Application. That information will be used only in statistical summaries to assist in complying with general equal opportunity guidelines. Any information provided will in no way affect your test result.

      Selection of Testing Center: The AHFI examination is administered during an established two-week testing period. The exam can be taken at a computer-based testing facilities managed by PSI on a daily basis, Monday through Saturday, excluding holidays during that time frame or taken by a paper exam at a NHCAA in person event.

      For computer-based testing, PSI has several hundred testing sites in the United States, as well as Canada. Scheduling is done on a first-come, first served basis. To find a testing center near you visit: or call PSI at 800.211.2754. Please note: You will be unable to schedule your examination appointment until you have received an Eligibility Notice from the Professional Testing Centers (PTC).
    • Scheduling Your Examination Appointment Details Once your Application has been received and processed, and your eligibility verified, you will be sent a postcard from PTC if you are testing at an NHCAA event or an email if you are testing at a PTC location confirming receipt. Within 6 weeks prior to the first day of the testing window, you will be mailed an Eligibility Notice.

      The Eligibility Notice plus current, government-issued photo identification must be presented in order to gain admission to the testing center. A candidate not receiving an Eligibility Notice at least three weeks before the beginning of the testing period should contact the Professional Testing Corporation by telephone at 212.356.0660 with their fax number.

      The Eligibility Notice will indicate where to call to schedule your examination appointment as well as the dates in which testing is available. Appointment times are first-come, first-serve, so schedule your appointment as soon as you receive your Eligibility Notice in order to maximize your chance of testing at your preferred location and on your preferred date.

      It is highly recommended that each candidate becomes familiar with the testing site. It is the candidate’s responsibility to call PSI 800.211.2754 to schedule the exam appointment.
    • Online Tutorial Details A Tutorial of the online exam features can be viewed online.

      (1) Browse to
      (2) Scroll to the bottom of the home page
      (3) Click to view the PSI Examination Tutorial

      This online tutorial can give you an overview about the features of the testing software.
    • Special Testing Arrangements Details ADA Special Accommodations
      Special testing arrangements may be made for individuals who require special accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Requests for specific special accommodations must be made in writing at the time of AHFI Application and must be received EIGHT weeks before the testing date. The written request should describe the nature of the candidate’s disability and the special accommodations needed for testing.

      Changing Your Examination Appointment
      If you need to cancel your examination appointment or reschedule to a different date within the two-week testing period you must contact PSI at 800.211.2754 no later than noon, Eastern Standard Time, of the second business day PRIOR to your scheduled appointment.
    • RefundsDetails The AHFI Application and Examination Fee will not be refunded to approved candidates who do not take, or who fail, the scheduled examination. Following receipt of the Application and Fee, a candidate who does not take the scheduled examination, or who fails the examination, will be eligible to take, or retake, the examination once within 12 months at an additional administrative fee of $320. Special Testing Center Fees CANNOT be refunded or transferred to another testing date.
    • Rules for Examination Details (1) No books or other reference materials may be taken into the examination room.
      (2) No signaling devices—including pagers, cellular phones and alarms—may be operative during the examination.
      (3) Handheld battery or solar-powered calculators MAY be used during the examination.
      (4) No test materials, documents or memorandum of any sort are to be taken from the examination room.
      (5) The examination will be held only on the day and at the time scheduled.
      (6) No questions concerning content of the examination may be asked during the testing period. The candidate should listen carefully to the instructions given by the Examiner and should read carefully the directions online or in the test booklet.
    • Report of Results Details Candidates will be notified within six weeks whether they have passed or failed the examination. Scores on the major areas of the examination and on the total examination will be reported. Successful candidates also will receive confirmation of their AHFI status and all related materials directly from NHCAA.
    • ConfidentialityDetails The Professional Testing Corporation and NHCAA will release the individual test scores in writing ONLY to the individual candidate.

      Any questions concerning test results should be directed to NHCAA or to the Professional Testing Corporation.