Conference Tracks

The ATC offers over 70 educational sessions organized under the following broad Conference Tracks. View Conference Sessions.

Clinical Issues for the Healthcare Fraud Investigator
Sessions will focus on increasing the attendee's understanding of clinical elements of an investigation and examine specific clinical fraud schemes.

New and Trending Fraud Schemes
Speakers will focus on existing fraud schemes including but not limited to disability, lab testing, home health, genetic testing, and medical identity. Other schemes including enrollment in the Marketplace, and cybersecurity.

Detecting and Investigating Dental Fraud
Sessions will focus on schemes that cross between dental and medical coding, dental 101, and an interactive panel that engages with the audience in Q&A form.

Expanding Your Investigative Skills
Sessions focus on how to build the investigative skills of the staff in the SIU units within the insurer community as well as law enforcement. Speakers will address how to build skill sets for staff and teams such as data analytics, collaboration, interviewing, preparing and presenting a case, and assessing referrals.

Fraud Issues in the Federal and State Programs
Speakers will discuss the schemes and challenges unique fraud schemes and challenges unique to Medicaid (e.g., coordination between MCOs and MFCUs, referral process). In addition, sessions in this track will examine issues such as adult day care, Medicare Part C, and qui tam.

Legal, Management and Compliance Issues
Designed for the rising stars and managers in a health insurer SIU or law enforcement, the sessions will focus on skills, issues and best practices. Sessions are designed to improve the skills set of mid and higher level staff (e.g., managing reporting requirements, management skill building, interpreting analytics, audit preparation, structuring recoveries, managing expectations).

Fraud in Specialty Areas // LTC, Workers' Comp and DI
Hear case studies of fraud investigation in the disability, life insurance, worker's compensation, and long-term care arena.

Education Paths will be illustrated as sessions are finalized
Paths provide a map for attendees interested in attending sessions that help to develop a certain skill set, job function, or certification. Paths at the 2016 ATC will include:

  • AHFI® Path
  • Law Enforcement Path
  • Additional paths to be defined

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