Conference Tracks and Paths

The ATC offers more than 70 individual workshops organized under the following broad Conference Tracks. Please check back in late-June for our Conference Session announcement.

Clinical Issues for the Health Care Fraud Investigator
Taught by clinicians, these sessions seek to further deeper clinical understanding within investigative work.

Behavioral Health Fraud Schemes
Explore sessions on fraud schemes specific to the delivery of the behavioral health benefit.

Detecting and Investigating Dental Fraud
Examine investigative skills and schemes specific to dental insurance.

Fraud Schemes and Investigative Skills
Follow investigations that uncover new schemes and build investigative skills.

Fraud in Medicaid Program
Education fostering an understanding of fraud challenges unique to Medicaid.

Pharmacy & Part D Fraud
Sessions with a focus on fraud schemes specific to the delivery of the pharmacy benefit.

Legal, Management & Compliance Issues
For the SIU manager, workshops on today's legal and compliance trends, and sessions on management of the SIU.

Transformation of Health Care
Explore new delivery models, innovations and systems of care in a post ACA environment.

Disability, Life, Long-Term Care & Workers' Compensation
Hear case studies of fraud investigation in the disability, life insurance, worker's compensation, and long-term care arena.

Anti-Fraud Technology Solutions
Explore sessions on business and technology solutions offered by NHCAA's Platinum & Premier Supporting Members.

Further tailor the Conference to meet professional development needs using three curriculum paths:

AHFI Path The AHFI® Path is a map to sessions of interest to participants planning on pursuing the Accredited Health Care Fraud Investigation AHFI® designation. The sessions provide reinforcement for content mastery required for the AHFI® exam.
LEL Path This path leads law enforcement and investigators working in public programs to sessions most applicable to their needs.
Mgmt Path Designed with the most experienced investigators and managers in mind, the Management Path curriculum points to clinical, legal and management topics relevant to today's anti-fraud leaders.

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