NHCAA has a wide variety of training opportunities for both member and non-member* participants. Visit the links below to explore which opportunities would best serve you and your organizations training needs. View all of our offerings on ourĀ  Year At A Glance or check your NHCAA training credits.

Classroom In-Person Programs
The In-Person Programs offer unique networking opportunities, direct access to expert faculty and a mix of specialized and broad health care anti-fraud topics. Held throughout the U.S., participants can attend a single program or chose a set of related programs to best fit training needs.
Distance Learn NETS Webinars
These programs are a cost-effective way to train an individual or an entire SIU team. Topics include critical health care fraud investigatory skills as well as specific specialty scheme information.
Graph Distance Learning
Cost-effective alternatives to live training and compliance programs. These programs are self-paced and are designed to be completed individually, not as a group.

Note, audio and/or video recordings of NHCAA's programs, in-person, online or over the phone, are not allowed.

*Non-Member participants must occupy a professional position with: a private for-profit or not-for-profit health care reimbursement organization, a local, state or federal law enforcement, prosecutorial, a regulatory agency or in a professional disciplinary organization. All registrations will be reviewed to ensure these eligibility requirements are met. If you are not in one of these positions, but wish to attend, please email us at: