Sponsored Webinar

Thomson Reuters is pleased to present the 2019 Provider Enrollment Fraud: The Power of Prevention Through Data webinar. This webinar brings together healthcare fraud industry experts for an interactive and provocative session around the increase in provider enrollment fraud and its detrimental effect on government programs. 

Why You Should Attend

  • Engage top industry professionals and leaders on new and future trends impacting government fraud, waste and abuse.
  • Gain valuable and digestible insight for application at your agency.

Program Description

This program focuses on the steep incline in dollars wasted to provider enrollment fraud every year and the steps government agencies can take to prevent it. You’ll get a close look at new trends in healthcare fraud, risk factors to look for when onboarding providers and the technology you need to prevent fraud from even happening. 

Come hear our experts discuss the challenges fraud investigators, Medicaid and Medicare Directors and the community face in preventing the fraud, waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars when onboarding providers. 

Can’t attend this session? You should still register! We will be sending out the recording and session materials after the webinar to all registrants.


Melissa Berry
Principal Attorney Editor, Thomson Reuters

Robert Bolduc
United States Probation Officer

Eric Gerhard
Manager, Product Development, Thomson Reuters