Sponsored Webinar

Each day, Medicaid program integrity (PI) investigators work to identify and prevent improper payments, but they face many challenges — particularly when it comes to staying current on federal and state policies and understanding how these policies relate to the payment of healthcare claims.

Policy Insights with Watson, from IBM Watson Health™, is designed to help program integrity investigators improve the speed and productivity of their work, supporting detection and prevention of a higher percentage of inappropriate claims payments.

Join us on Tuesday, July 31st, from 2-3 PM EST, as we share the power of Policy Insights with Watson, including core cognitive capabilities, and how this solution is designed to empower investigators to:

  • Quickly and easily find policy content relevant to their investigation across hundreds of documents and thousands of pages
  • Understand faster how the returned passages relate to their investigation
  • Filter and expand desired results based on either more comprehensive or granular search terms
  • Improve the consistency and efficiency of finding and stopping improper payments


David Nelson
Vice President, Truven Health Analytics/IBM Watson Health