Sponsored Webinar

From Pay and Chase to Prevent and Save: Mitigating FWA with Innovative AI

Brighterion, a Mastercard company that delivers mission critical artificial intelligence, provides a proven AI solution that differentiates by leveraging its experience in payment fraud to complement claim fraud mitigation.  Brighterion’s unique competency supports post-pay detection, while also creating prospective (pre-pay) models built by identifying anomalies found in historical claims data (post-pay). In this webinar, Brighterion will show you how you can identify increased identification of FWA before sending good money for bad claims, significantly reducing inefficient pay-and-chase activities while moving toward a prevent and save business model. With increased detection of true FWA, false positives are greatly reduced, anomaly detection is significantly increased, and payers can focus their investigators’ time on highly-likely FWA.


Jala Attia
President, Integrity Advantage

Beth Griffin
Vice President of Healthcare Product Development and Innovation, Mastercard

Tim McBride
Director of Healthcare Product Development and Innovation, Mastercard