Sponsored Webinar

The opioid epidemic is one of the most serious public health issues today. To combat the crisis, organizations and government programs are fighting fraud on two fronts: provider (physicians and pharmacies) and members (individual recipients).

This webinar will explore anti-fraud approaches on the provider side of the epidemic, starting at the source: physicians who prescribe opioids and pharmacies that dispense them. Using real world examples, SAS’s John Maynard will explore the supply side of the opioid epidemic.

Key questions addressed:  

  • How can we leverage advanced analytics for early identification of opioid abuse and the potential for fraud?
  • How can we combine pharmacy and clinical data to get a holistic view of the supply side of the opioid epidemic?
  • How are AI/ML algorithms being used to identify strange behavior? See how this is being done and how analytics makes it possible. 


John Maynard
Fraud and Risk Solutions Specialist, SAS