Supporting Organizations

Supporting organizations receive exposure to key decision makers, unparalleled anti-fraud industry networking, and education opportunities as presenters and participants. Joining as a supporting organization will increase your visibility in the industry and make you an essential part of NHCAA’s mission.

NHCAA offers three levels of Supporting membership – Platinum, Premier, and Standard – to accommodate a range of budgets while providing optimal exposure to NHCAA members.

Levels of Membership 

NHCAA offers varying levels of membership (Platinum, Premier, and Standard) to provide optimal exposure to NHCAA members and accommodate a range of budgets.

View the current listing of NHCAA Platinum, Premier, and Standard Supporting Members.

Benefits of Partnership

With exposure to key decision makers and unparalleled networking and education opportunities, NHCAA’s Platinum, Premier, and Standard Supporting Members are a vital and essential part of NHCAA’s mission to protect and serve the public interest by increasing awareness and improving the detection, investigation, civil and criminal prosecution, and prevention of health care fraud and abuse.

Member Benefits

NHCAA offers membership categories for health insurers, governmental entities, and other companies and organizations that support the NHCAA Mission, as well as individuals, who want to join us in the fight against health care fraud.