Breakthroughs in responsible AI to empower your SIU

Sponsored by: Mastercard (registration to this event is strictly limited by the sponsor)

In this webinar, we share how healthcare payers and payment integrity providers can empower their SIUs with AI to improve investigation workflows and detect FWA faster.

AI is not only very effective at identifying FWA before claims are paid, but it also helps your teams work more efficiently by identifying anomalies such as unnecessary procedures, incorrect billing codes and identity theft. Organizations can save millions in losses, prevent employee burnout, and have happier medical service providers who are paid quickly and efficiently.

In this webinar, you will learn how:

  • AI helps team members work more efficiently
  • AI models can be tailored to identify healthcare claims fraud, prescription abuse, upcharges, phantom billings and many other FWA challenges
  • Mastercard vast payments intelligence fuels AI models for increased detection

Please note: This event is sponsored by Mastercard. Registration is limited and determined by the sponsor, and NHCAA cannot circumvent or alter the sponsor’s registration policies. Registration from personal email addresses and some organizations are not permitted. Please accept our apologies if you are unable to register for this particular event, however, NHCAA does offer other educational programs. Please click here to view upcoming educational opportunities.

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Oct 03


Eastern Time
9:00 am - 10:00 am