About AHFI®

The Accredited Health Care Fraud Investigator (AHFI®) is a unique professional designation granted by NHCAA to individuals who meet the necessary qualifications related to their professional experience, NHCAA membership, specialized training, and demonstrated knowledge in the detection, investigation and/or prosecution of health care fraud.

After the comprehensive analysis of the AHFI® Program in 2018, NHCAA modified the AHFI® Exam, Prep Course and study materials to ensure that it accurately measures the core responsibilities and tasks of today’s health care fraud investigator.

The Exam is based on experience as an investigator in a SIU and not memorization of key facts. The Prep Course and study guide will help review and prepare for the Exam, they do not provide answers.

AHFI® Application & Exam Requirements

Explore the application process, criteria, exam, and pricing.

AHFI® Prep Course

Prepare for the exam by taking our Prep Course.

AHFI® Renewal

Understand renewal requirements once you’ve earned your designation.

AHFI® Roster

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Member Benefits

NHCAA offers membership categories for health insurers, governmental entities, and other companies and organizations that support the NHCAA Mission, as well as individuals, who want to join us in the fight against health care fraud.


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