Unlocking Analytics for Business Process Improvement and Patient Safety

Sponsored by: SAS

About the webinar:

Analytics is everywhere and can have significant impacts on SIU, Compliance, and other business practices. Often times, organizations don’t take advantage of the full potential of analytics in a more proactive approach to fighting health care fraud, waste, and abuse, but more importantly helping to ensure patient safety. Strategic use of data and analytics does not have to be saved for the data scientist, nor restricted to product design, member satisfaction or clinical outcomes. Technology has evolved and modernized in such a way that analytics can be automated and provide a user interface where anyone can leverage the power analytics can bring to better decisioning. You have data scientist on staff – great! There are plenty of advanced techniques that will leverage their expertise. Don’t be afraid to change, and take every opportunity you come across to set yourself up for success. We believe that effective fraud fighting can be an important differentiator in serving your customers!

In today’s session you will learn how, where, and why advanced analytics can and should be changing your game. Whether you’re in the SIU, Analytics, Compliance, or anywhere else: Don’t just survive – thrive – in this brave new world of digital transformation.

Topics include:

  • Analytics everywhere with a user-centered design
  • Could/On-Premise/Hybrid approach to implementation
  • Meeting the needs of compliance
  • Differentiating health plan performance


Tom Wriggins
Principal Solutions Architect, Global Fraud and Security Intelligence Practice, SAS
Ben Wright
Senior Payment Integrity Solutions Architect, SAS
John Maynard
Fraud and Risk Solutions Specialist, SAS

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Oct 26


Eastern Time
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
  • CPEs: 1