The New Normal: How the Pandemic has Shifted the Way We Need to Think About FWA

Sponsored by: Shift Technology

U.S. healthcare expenditures totaled $3.8 trillion last year. With conservative industry figures estimating that Fraud, Waste and Abuse accounts for 3 percent of that figure, the exposure to payers, both private and public, is more than $114 billion.

And that was estimated before the pandemic. We know that economic stress often increases the rate of fraud. In the world of healthcare, it also increases the variety of fraud. We thought we knew what normal behavior looked like in claims data when we compare providers to their peers. COVID-19 has changed all that. The industry can no longer rely on what we knew, the old benchmarks, to inform the investigative conclusions of 2021 and beyond.

So what can we do to stem the tide of this $114+ billion problem?

Join Shift Technology and Integrity Advantage as we examine pre-pandemic FWA trends, changes driven by the pandemic, and the new methods we can incorporate to flatten the curve of Healthcare Fraud, Waste and Abuse in a post COVID-19 world.


Ricky D Sluder, CFE
Shift Technology Head of Healthcare Pre- Sales, North America
Michael Davis
Shift Technology Head of Healthcare Sales, North America
Jala Attia
President and Founder, Integrity Advantage
Jessica Gay
Vice President and Co-Founder, Integrity Advantage

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Jun 15


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2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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Shift Technology


Shift Technology

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