The Preventive Power Of Contextual Claims Analysis

Sponsored by: 4L Data Intelligence™ (registration to this event is strictly limited by the sponsor)

Real-time AI powered provider behavior analysis for pre-payment FWA excessive and overpayment prevention

What You Will Learn

  • The expanded pre-payment detection capability of provider-centric claims analysis
  • The benefits of an ‘a-claim-and-all-claims’ approach to FWA detection and prevention
  • The importance of dynamic provider trend, pattern, outlier, and overpayment analysis
  • The overpayment benefits of Integr8 AI billing, treatment and provider contracts benchmarking
  • The FWA prevention benefits of continuous, contextual fraud and collusion detection


Theja Birur
Chief Technology Officer, 4L Data Intelligence™

Karthik Govindan
Vice President, Healthcare Solutions, 4L Data Intelligence™

Gabe Roberts
The Roberts Consulting Group / Former TennCare Director

Clay Wilemon
CEO, 4L Data Intelligence™

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Jun 27


Eastern Time
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
4L Data Intelligence™


4L Data Intelligence™